Electrical cables we use are made of various types of materials. An electrical cable has several layers and these different layers are made from different materials. The conductors in the electric cables are usually made of metals or metallic alloys because metals are good conductor of electricity and also they are strong, ductile and durable. Similarly, the insulation of cables are made of such materials which are heat resistant, flexible, durable and non conducting substances.

electric cable
An electric cable is a group of one, two or more wires or optical fibers bound together, in a common protective jacket or sheath. Individual cables or fibers inside the jacket are usually covered or insulated. There are combination cables, made by manufacturers and
may contain both electrical wires and optical fibers or fiber optic cables. Copper electrical wires are
most commonly used because of its excellent conductivity. Aluminum electrical wires are also used as they are less expensive.

Electrical cables are sometimes made more flexible by stranding the
wires. The process involves twisting or braiding the smaller individual
wires to produce larger wires that are far more flexible. Small electrical wires
are also bunched before concentric stranding, thereby adding more

Types of Electrical Cables

There are various types of electrical cables available depending on the end use. These cables find application across industries. Some of the popularly used cables are:

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