The traditional system of medicine such as ayurveda has been making use of this herb to cure the disease. In the modern times, diabetes is more of a life style disease rather than anything else; neem is being widely used by herbal medicine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies as more and more people all across the globe fall victim to it. It is a cause of number of other diseases like heart disease, blindness etc.

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Neem and Diabetes

Neem leaf extracts and seeds are used as an active ingredient as an
effective cure for diabetes. It has been scientifically proven after a
number of tests and research by leading medical institutes, that neem
parts have high efficacy in treating the disease. Natural neem tablets
are being manufactured and exported the world over for treating large
number of patients. Neem leaf extracts improve the blood circulation by
dilating the blood vessels and also helpful in reducing the need for
hypo-glycaemic drugs. According to scientific research undertaken neem
leaf extracts
and seed oil help to reduce the insulin requirement. Neem
tablets help to lower the blood glucose levels.