Membrane Distillation
Membrane distillation separation depends on relative volatility of
various components in the feed solution. The solution is force through
the membrane by applying partial pressure difference across the
membrane. When vapor from components of higher volatility when passes
through the membrane pores by a convective or diffusive mechanism it is
then Separation occurs
Advantages of Membrane Distillation Systems:

Membrane distillation system have following advantages

  • The membrane distillation system requires hardly any maintenance.

  • Fluctuating heat sources usually of low temperature can be used
    for the units due to which water can be produced by using energies
    that normally go wasted like waste heat from factories, hot spring
    heat, solar energy.

  • The cost of running the unit is low.

  • Operate at ambient pressures.

  • Can operate at lower temperatures.

  • Fouling is low.