Water Purification for Mineral Water

The first step is water purification. Water obtained from the external source is allowed to pass through the purification unit and then stored in a stainless tank. After purification, water is taken to the
bottling section. Bottling is done as a continuous operation. Water purification for mineral water is followed by Rinsing, Filling and Capping. The unit automatically fills, rinses, and screws the cap on it. Finally purified mineral water is labeled, packed and marketed.
Mineral Water Processing

Supply Chain Of Imported Mineral Water

Supply Chain for Mineral Water

Processing mineral water from underground water resource or other resources goes as follows. Motor pump is used to draw water from theses sources or source which is transported to the source water reservoir. Coagulation chemical is added to remove the settled colloidal and suspended materials contaminated in the water. Water is then sterilized
using oxidants like chlorine or other chemicals to kill harmful bacteria and micro-organism.

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